Enter 2017!

The start of a new year and great new developments. That is what I wanted to talk to you about today. It's 2017, and still at the start of it too. You can feel a sense of opportunity for all the days still left in this year (Read on)

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Site update

Just wanted to let you know that I re-organized my site navigation. I have decided to divide my portfolio into smaller chunks, so that viewers can more easily browse that images they are looking for. It came to my attention that loading like 30 images in 1 page might take too long on older machines or with bad internet hookups.

So, if you hover over my 'Portfolio' tab, you will now see the different categories in which the images has been split up. It was kinda tough to choose. I wanted a section called 'Portraits' for instance, but a lot of what I do is portraits. So portraits of kids and portraits from weddings would all end up there. It'd be left with only 3 categories, in which 'Portraits' would have all the pictures....Not fair. And I want stuff to be correct (developing slight OCD I think).


So I chose the following categories. You can click on it, and it will take you directly to that section of that site.

Social Media / Fashion

Family / Children

Landscape / Interiors

Weddings / Festive

Business / Product

I would like to know what you think of it. Drop me a line, much appreciated!

Tape-ception: A post about gaffer tape

So, I'm a big fan of 'gaffer tape'. Gaffer tape looks like duct tape but it's not. Gaffer tape is what duct tape dreams about being when duct tape goes to sleep at night...A 'gaffer' is the term for someone who worked in theaters in charge of lights (installing them, placing them, blinding them) and gaffer tape is used there to tape stuff together and (partially) block off lights. Gaffers relied on gaffer tape because gaffer tape is tough, it can handle heat of the lights, and also comes loose fairly easily. It also tears really smooth in a straight line, which I believe is because it has some textile woven in there.



Every one with fondness (who doesn't) for duct tape will love gaffer tape. It's not widely available in retail stores, so online and photography stores will be your best best. I got a lifetime roll at Calumet Photographic in Rotterdam, looking like the picture above. I used it to put up my trellis for my tomatoes, and all other little things needing repairs or stitching up. Especially when you have it on hand like the one you can make when you read the articles below.

Here is an article to David Hobby's blog (where I originally got it from), as well as a link to the original article on www.artofmanliness.com where they do it with duct tape. Great masculine place to hang out btw.



After watching this, you will have your very own little tape-keychain, which will make your life that much more enjoyable..


Subjective lighting tutorial: rimlight


I have set up a spotted black background (soft velours sheet from cheap clothing brand). As the darker portions of their clothes get less light, they tend to go black and 'merge' into the background. This is called (lack of) definition. To solve that, you can place a flash so that it's light brushes the subjects and creates an outline on the side you placed the flash. This outline defines the contour of your subject and that little outline also makes sure you can tell between the background and the subject. You can see clearly in the examples on the right:

Alright my dear wife, you were completely right (but just this once..). As a portrait photographer, I have spent way to little time photographing my own kids in a studio setting. I have always found that being able to capture the loved ones around you is the no. 1 value of photography for me. There's nothing like looking back at a photo (which is more or less eternal) and being able to say that I'm the one who shot it.

And if you would like to learn how I typically start lighting these kinds of shots, please read on.

I first start generally setting up my flashes to have a working setup: attach triggers, put in batteries, connect to a lightstand and place them in the right spot. As I'm in a small room with a huge portion of light coming through multiple windows from 1 side of the room, I have my key light (also called 'primary light' or 'main light') already there. So in cloudy conditions this means I've got soft light coming in directionally (soft and directional are both properties light can have) from this big window. Also, on the other side of the room there's a white wall where the sunlight bounces back from, so this could function as the 'fill light' to fill in shadows which would be too dark.  Now, by placing the subjects (in this examples: my own children) closer or further away from window or wall, I can determine how much light falls on either side of their faces. Place them more to the window: the key light will get brighter and the shadow side of their faces will become darker. And vice versa.


Now this part's a little tricky: Light has a certain direction it travels in. The sun emits light in every direction, 360degrees. But most of this light doesn't travel through our window and into our room; only that small portion of sunrays which happens to have the direction of our window. All other light is filtered by the walls for instance. The advantage of directional light is that it allows you to model the light to your liking because it's only there where you want it to be. With non-directional light coming in from all angles, it's hard to create shadow fall-off, or create shadows at all. 


For more info on this subject: Check out the book 'Direction & Quality of Light' by Neil van Niekerk.




Left: a bright outline on the edges of his blue sweater makes sure there is separation between subject and background. Right: lack of this outline on subject's left side means there's no separation between the subject and the background.

Left: a bright outline on the edges of his blue sweater makes sure there is separation between subject and background. Right: lack of this outline on subject's left side means there's no separation between the subject and the background.



If you place your flash for this effect, it's called a 'rimlight'. Check out the shot on the left here: It could have used a rim light on the left side, don't you agree?

So now you've learned about key light, fill light, and rim light! Great stuff. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Update 1-11-2017

So I did some stuff on the site again! Let me sum it up:

1. My site is now in completely written in English! This language doesn't scare away my dear foreign visitors like an old man sitting silently in front of a desolate gas station in a rocking chair, shotgun in hand. And my assumption is that anyone wanting to do a shoot with me, can read and understand English to some extent. If you feel some people might be left out, please leave me some feedback.

2. I have changed the content and appearance of my site. So I have tweaked the logo and colors a bit, re-written and shuffled some pages. Put up a collage in Possibilities as to give a good impression of my skills.

3. I have added a b*ttload of links to photographers on the internet. In Links, I provide a pretty extensive list of photographers that have inspired me, taught me and made me laugh. There's a range of styles and ages, so there's something for everybody who likes (to learn about) photography!

Oh and check out this picture of the Royal Corinthia in Budapest, I now added to the Portfolio. It's a shot you can make if you wait for every other guest in the hotel to go away, so that it's just you and the stairs.


As always, feedback on everything is much appreciated. Let me know what you think I can improve on my site.

Vertalen of translate?

Hello every iedereen.

Ik denk er aan om mijn site volledig in het Engels te vertalen, en dus geen Nederlands meer te bezigen. Het voelt voor mij een beetje raar om de hele dag online en in het werkverkeer in het Engels te communiceren en dan plots op mijn site weer gewoon ouderwets in het Nederlands te schrijven.

De eerste de beste internationale bezoeker die komt kijken, weet niet wat er staat en zal snel weer vertrekken. Bij het geven van mijn URL aan mensen die de Nederlandse taal niet machtig zijn, moet ik me direct excuseren dat het niet in het Engels staat...Voorbeelden waarom ik eigenlijk volledig in het Engels over wil.

Dus: Zijn jullie voor behoud van het Nederlands, of snappen jullie de noodzaak voor de Engels taal? Hoor het graag!

Site-update / Back to basic

Met 'jachtig' wordt je geen tachtig

Met 'jachtig' wordt je geen tachtig

Het is een druk bestaan; zowel een baan als op regelmatige basis fotografie-opdrachten uitvoeren.

Daarom heb ik besloten om, na mijn laatste opdracht begin oktober, het even iets rustiger aan te doen. Ik heb bezoeken aan diverse conferenties voor mijn werk gepland staan en wil de rest van de tijd iets meer aan gezin en andere bezigheden spenderen.

Zoals bijvoorbeeld:  Mijn website verbeteren. Ik wil bezoekers zo snel mogelijk een goed beeld geven van mijn skills als fotograaf. Daarom heb ik :

- Nieuwe foto's op mijn portfolio geplaatst

- Het design en de lay-out iets verbeterd

- De pagina 'Over mijzelf' als Homepage ingesteld en deze pagina aangepast

- Een link naar mijn Flickr-portfolio toegevoegd.

- (social) Banners ingesteld die moeten zorgen voor relevante afbeeldingen als mijn website gedeeld wordt op bijvoorbeeld Facebook. De favicon (het 'camera-icoontje' in de browserbalk) doet het goed, het 'Social Sharing' icoon (mijn websitelogo op sociale media) is nog niet helemaal goed werkend.

- Mijn webmail opnieuw ingesteld omdat deze niet leek te werken: Alles wordt vooralsnog naar mijn prive-email doorgestuurd om zeker te weten dat ik alles lees (Bedankt Jose voor de tip)


Dat was het , binnenkort meer nieuws vanuit de kweekhoek!


De Langengriend

Naast mijn werk en mijn fotografie heb ik nog een hobby: mijn eigen groenten en fruit kweken. Ik bengeïnspireerd geraakt om echt iets te veranderen in de wereld. Velen van ons, ik ook, doen of deden dingen die helemaal niet bijdragen aan een betere wereld. De natuur gaat sterk achteruit, vissen en schildpadden komen om in plastic soepen, overstromingen overal, onomkeerbare klimaatverandering, geopolitieke chaos en klimaatvluchtelingen om maar een paar ondingen te noemen die onze wereld vandaag de dag helaas bezighoudt.

Laten we bij onszelf beginnen en ons bewust maken van wat we zèlf kunnen veranderen!!

Hierbij de link naar mijn tweede aflevering, over de Top-3 redenen waarom je zelf je groenten en fruit moet kweken!!

Als je mij wilt steunen, abonneer je dan op mijn kanaal.