Update 1-11-2017

So I did some stuff on the site again! Let me sum it up:

1. My site is now in completely written in English! This language doesn't scare away my dear foreign visitors like an old man sitting silently in front of a desolate gas station in a rocking chair, shotgun in hand. And my assumption is that anyone wanting to do a shoot with me, can read and understand English to some extent. If you feel some people might be left out, please leave me some feedback.

2. I have changed the content and appearance of my site. So I have tweaked the logo and colors a bit, re-written and shuffled some pages. Put up a collage in Possibilities as to give a good impression of my skills.

3. I have added a b*ttload of links to photographers on the internet. In Links, I provide a pretty extensive list of photographers that have inspired me, taught me and made me laugh. There's a range of styles and ages, so there's something for everybody who likes (to learn about) photography!

Oh and check out this picture of the Royal Corinthia in Budapest, I now added to the Portfolio. It's a shot you can make if you wait for every other guest in the hotel to go away, so that it's just you and the stairs.


As always, feedback on everything is much appreciated. Let me know what you think I can improve on my site.