Tape-ception: A post about gaffer tape

So, I'm a big fan of 'gaffer tape'. Gaffer tape looks like duct tape but it's not. Gaffer tape is what duct tape dreams about being when duct tape goes to sleep at night...A 'gaffer' is the term for someone who worked in theaters in charge of lights (installing them, placing them, blinding them) and gaffer tape is used there to tape stuff together and (partially) block off lights. Gaffers relied on gaffer tape because gaffer tape is tough, it can handle heat of the lights, and also comes loose fairly easily. It also tears really smooth in a straight line, which I believe is because it has some textile woven in there.



Every one with fondness (who doesn't) for duct tape will love gaffer tape. It's not widely available in retail stores, so online and photography stores will be your best best. I got a lifetime roll at Calumet Photographic in Rotterdam, looking like the picture above. I used it to put up my trellis for my tomatoes, and all other little things needing repairs or stitching up. Especially when you have it on hand like the one you can make when you read the articles below.

Here is an article to David Hobby's blog (where I originally got it from), as well as a link to the original article on www.artofmanliness.com where they do it with duct tape. Great masculine place to hang out btw.



After watching this, you will have your very own little tape-keychain, which will make your life that much more enjoyable..