Links to the sites of the photographers who influenced and inspired me the most!

Photography sites: This is both a tutorial site on (flash)lighting, and a good insight into the work of David Hobby. A definite Must Read! An interesting Dutch photography-site, featuring articles, reviews, blogs, reader photo's, competitions, beginner and medium-level photography tips..A good place to start! A Dutch photography forum I used to love. I believe it's not as active anymore, but might still be a good source for some good material. Let me know!

Photographers: Joe McNally, inspiring modern day photographer who also wrote essential books on lighting and photography David Hobby, icon and inventor of the 'strobist' style and name, learned a lot there. Deserves a second mention. This renowned and my most inspirational Dutch photographer has made a name for himself because of his extravagant en ingenious fashion and glamour portraits. I once participated in a glamour workshop with him. Phottix-representative, therefore already on my A list. He hosts lots of cool tutorials on his site, also about post-processing. Neil van Niekerk, a New York-based wedding- and fashion photographer who hosts lots of tutorials. Learned a lot about lighting with small flashes there. His images are quite clean, not a lot of feathers and brides hanging from ropes or something. Zack Arias, an obstinate and extravert American photographer with a passion for portraits. Quite the character and not afraid to stand out. Syl Arena is the creator of Speedliter's Handbook (must-read Canon system flash users), a tremendously informative book about lighting. He's fanatic about every aspect of lighting. I also wrote a blog post about him. Here's his blog, lots of tutorials too! Trey Ratcliff, world renowned HDR photographer, very cool Burning Man photo's too! Anne Geddes, icon of newborn photography who basically created the style which you see a lot today Zwitserse fotograaf, someone I met once at a conference in Budapest and was impressed by his work Link to work of deceased and legendary photographer Irving Penn; especially mesmerizing are his images of indigenous tribes. I couldn't exclude this Dutch photographer from Amsterdam. He's actually quite a renowned portrait photographer. I makes beautiful indoor environmental portraits with subtle and complex lighting. The most famous Dutch photographer, internationally, of all times I presume. His portraits of Clint Eastwood and Johnny Cash are legendary. Een succesvol Nederlands fashion, portret- en celebrity fotograaf. Zijn manier van communiceren spreekt aan en is blijkbaar zeer succesvol: Uitsluitend Twitter, FB en Instagram. Te weinig controle voor mij, maar soît...Deed mee met het TV programma 'Het Perfecte Plaatje' Some firewalls might block this one, so it's slightly NSFW. Eccentric and sometimes erotically tinted portraits. Exiting and explicit photography. Micheael Grecco is a Los Angeles-based photographer, which impressed me with his celebrity portraits. Will Ferrel on a bear-skin; that's one to remember. Link to work of Henri Cartier Bresson, iconic street photographer from France Famous American landscape and nature photographer, lots of black and white Creative American photographer Dan Winters, who made lots of interesting portraits of very famous people The renowned Greg Heisler, makes only portraits on a scale nobody does. Exotic, illuster and 'fine art' Edwin van Aalten, a Dutch photographer I recently discovered . Like his site and images, don't know much about him.

Gardening tutorials: John Kohler, an inspiration and vegetable-superstar, passionate about growing your own vegetables. 1200+ videos  MI Gardener Full of tutorials and handy tips from a semi-hippie from Michigan with a big yard  CaliKim, useful and practical info combined with a pleasant personal hygiene

Partners: Brian van der Heijden, a collegue with whom I worked together during a wedding. Check out his portfolio. A dandy upholstery shop in Rotterdam, led by a young and energetic owner!